Thank You Letter (2020)

Thank You Letter (2020)

At the end of 2020, the team at Qatar Technical would like to extend their thanks to all the customers and partners that have looked towards QT to provide them with the quality and craftsmanship they have come to expect. We promise to continuously improve to provide you with the high level of service we believe you deserve.

In 2020, Qatar technical payed a lot of attention to protection works. Meanwhile, we imported additional high level machines to extend and complete a number of our production lines. Currently, our factory is fully equipped with a complete line for the following:

  • Steel fabrication (laser cutting, bending, painting line, welding, color machine, punching, etc.)
  • Machining (CNC center, lathe, grinding, milling, EDM wire cut, induction, furnace, etc.)
  • Shutter door production line
  • SMC production line
  • Plastic product production line

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